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mx3 backlit air mouse


MX3 Backlight Wireless Keyboard With IR Learning 2.4G Wireless Remote Controller

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This is Air-mouse with keyboard product,has completely functions of the traditional mouse.The space using function can help you are fully free out of your PC,TV.If you wave it in the air,it can be soonest to be transferred into the moving of the cursor on the pc screen.By using the perfect function combination of 3D and gyroscope,you can handle in 360 angle freely.


Multifunction Remote Controller
Air-Mouse+IR Remote+Keyboard+IR Learning
Non-directional remote controll;
Anti-shake algorithm Air-mouse;
support Motion Sense Games;


– Control Transmission : 2.4G RF Radio Frequency Technology
– Keys Quantity : 81 KEYS
– Battery Type :AAAx2
– Material : Plastic + Gel
– Consumpation : <10MA
– Size : 172x59x19MM (Thickness 10MM)
– Sensor : 3 Axir Gyroscope+ 3 Axir Accelerator
– Use Distance : >10 Meters
– Color: Black
–¬†With Backlight

Product Description:

– Full Keyboard and TV Remote
– Motion Sensor Allows Mouse to be Controlled by Waving the Remote
– Frequency Range: 2.4~2.4835GHz
– Upgradeable Function for Motion Gaming
– 2.4G Transmission up to 15m
– Effective Batter Saver, turn into Sleep Mode for 20 Seconds, Inaction <6uA
– Plug-and-play Function,Compatible with USB1.1 and USB2.0<6uA
– Applicable to: Smart TV, IPTV, Networked Set-top Box, Mini PC, Android TV Box, HTPLC, PCTV.


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